Testing Time at Brookdale!

Testing Time at Brookdale!
Testing is Great!Third, fourth and fifth grade students at Brookdale will be taking the Smarter Balance Assessment over the next few weeks.  Here are some things you can do at home to help your child be successful.  

1) Get plenty of rest 
Making sure that your child is getting adequate rest on the nights leading up to testing is an important way to help them be ready.  

2) Eat a good breakfast
Make sure that your child has a good breakfast the morning before testing.  This can be at home or be sure that your child is at school early enough to eat breakfast here.  

3) Be positive
Testing is hard work! Be sure to show your child support by offering a positive word or encouraging comment as they leave for school on testing day.  A little positivity can go a long way.  

Brookdale Testing Schedule: 

5th Grade:
ELA - May 8,9 with make up testing on the 10th
Math - June 4, 5

4th Grade: 
ELA - Mason/Wagner - April 25, 26 
ELA - O'Connor - April 23, 24
Math - Mason/Wagner - May 31, June 1
Math - O'Connor - May 29, 30

3rd Grade: 
ELA - April 25, 26
Math - May 31, June 1

Excel 4th & 5th:
ELA - April 17, 18
Math - May 15, 16