Library Media Center

Brookdale Library Media Center

Welcome Bobcats!

Students in grades K through 5 come to the library for a 40 minute session according to a rotating schedule.

Kindergartners do not check out items from the library until later in the school year and will keep their book at school.

Students in grade 1 may check out one item, to be kept at school until January. After the first of the new year, an additional book (Accelerated Reader) will be checked out and can be taken home.

Students in grades 2 through 5 may check out two items (at least one Accelerated Reader book) each visit.


No fines are assessed for late books, however students will not be allowed to have more than two items checked out.

Students are required to pay for badly damaged or lost items.

All items must be turned in or paid for by Field Day in June.

At the library and media center students can:

check out books, magazines, and media

listen to literature

research topics of interest

use reference material

Bobcats use the 4 Be's in library!

Students will:

Come in quickly and quietly

Participate with a positive attitude

Demonstrate respect for classmates and library workers

Move quietly between activities

Make good choices with library and class materials

Your student has been provided with instruction on the procedures and behaviors required in the library.

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